Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Kathy...

There are many reasons why you are the best Mother-in-Law a girl could ask for.
Here are some of the MANY reasons....
1. You raised my awesome Husband.
2. You are a great friend.
3. You help me out when J. is away and when he is home
4. and most importantly, J. never argues with you- and you are usually on "my side" during decorating discussions :)

So I need your help. I am in LOVE with our new bedroom... it just needs 2 things to be PERFECT.

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An AWESOME red chandelier I saw at Home Depot & curtains.... both of which J. says are "lame"

So, like always, I need your help convincing him... lol


  1. I love the red chandelier!!! I concidered it for our place, but didn't work with our duvet colours. Would look absolutely fantastic in your place. We will buy it when he is still deployed - lol!! (We will have Mass hang it and everything)

  2. Yup, that's what I would do! He gets to hang his things on the walls in the den (bikes) so you should get your chandelier!!

  3. You know Steph.. that is a REALLY good point. If he is allowed to hang bikes onteh wall I should get a chandeleir!!

    It's decided! hmph!