Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jo vs. The Pin: Easter Eggs

Note: Although decorating Easter Eggs may seem like a toddler-friendly activity, it isn't.  I learned the hard way... as always!

There were a few pins I have been DYING to try for easter!

I wanted to make BEAUTIFUL deep coloured eggs like THIS PIN


And then turn them into a colourful centerpiece like THIS PIN  


The result... not so bad, if I do say so myself.... although the colour on my eggs seemed to fade/ marble over time (I did them a week ago) 

Up close (and not quite as nice looking) 

With Z, I wanted to try the character eggs like THIS PIN 

She chose princess & Minnie Tattoos..  This was relatively easy, but the simpler and smaller the tattoos... the easier it was.  And, as always, practice makes perfect.   And then, of course, we added glitter, and jewels, and pretty much anything else she could get her little hands on! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Z!

Hard to believe my little Boo-Boo is 3 already.
We had a pretty low-key day.
J and I blew up 100 balloons the night before, and put them in her room so she woke up to a balloon overload.
We went for a swim, went to the Belleville Home show & topped it off with dinner out and cake.

Fun at the home show

Dressed up for dinner

The cake... oh the gross cake.  I asked Z what she wanted- and time and time again, she asked for "pink cake"  So, I made her pink cake: