Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stella Family Christmas Tree: 2013

This is the first year we are hosting family Christmas, AND the first year we are actually allowed a REAL Christmas tree. (When we lived in a condo, Christmas Trees were not permitted due to insurance/cleanliness reasons) 

We decided to take a short drive out to Barrett's Christmas Tree Farm to pick one out, so we packed up my car with some snacks, our snowpants and the pupsters, and away we went! 

Zoey wasn't too impressed at first, but the promise of hot chocolate got her moving :) 

Post- Tree cutting... Tree got bailed & we had some Hot Chocolate and shortbread cookies!

And being the intelligent people we are.... we securely fastened the tree to the car via the windows.... ooops... 
Car doors wouldn't open and we had to climb in the windows.  At least everyone had a good laugh at our expense :P 


And of course, the most fun of all, decorating the tree!