Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reasons Why I Love it When J. is Gone

So, Admittedly, I spent last night in tears. Bad day all around, thunder storm, messy house. All I wanted was for J. to come home and give me a hug.
Today, I feel like I could single handedly, conquer the world.

Lol.. such is the life of a military spouse...

But since I am in a Good Mood, here are some of the Great things about being "on my own"

- There are no socks, undies or bits of cadpat paraphernalia on the floor.
- all of the towels are hanging the right way, my way!
- I don't have to shave my armpits, legs, etc.
- I get the whole bed to myself!
- I can eat when I am hungry
- I get to have Star Wars marathons.
- the toilet paper is on the holder, and not on the counter
- the dog actually sits with ME!
- I can read all day long without interruption!
- The laundry doesn't smell like army. I don't know where that smell comes from... but it is ONLY on his uniforms!

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