Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Read this Book : Cosmic Banditos

Cosmic Banditos
A.C. Weisbecker

This guy and his dog and a snake that likes warm guns are hanging out in South America, drinking, mescal, drugs, a bandito friend robs an American family who has a slutty daughter and a dad who digs quantum physics, more drinking, mescal, drugs + quantum physics + drug raids + Stephen Hawking + low flying planes + plus time travel + more foot notes than a podiatrist + Robert and his never ending supply of grenades + quarks, subatomic particles and AHHHHHH!!!!!

Why you should read this book:
This book came highly recommended to me by a friend. It took me forever to find a copy, since, until recently it has been out of print. But it was worth it... this is the funniest, most clever, wicked book. It has been said that Weisbecker "out gonzos Hunter S. Thompson" and I have to agree. I could not put this book down from the second I started.

And the funny part is, when this book first came out- nobody would buy it. The author actually took all of the copies that he had left from the publisher and shipped them to US Soldiers serving in Iraq asking that they pass the book along when they were done.

Apparently they are making a movie now too... but seriosuly- READ THIS BOOK!

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