Saturday, October 30, 2010

19 Weeks!

Yup, it's true. I'm Pregnant.
Almost half way there!!
Since I have been pretty self-conscious with my body these days (let me tell you, pregnancy does some NASTY things- and I am sure I don't know the HALF of it yet!) , I haven't posted any pics- but I finally think I look pregnant and not just chubby.


145 days left until my Due Date: March 24th
6 days left until my Ultrasound (fingers crossed we can find out the gender)
8 lbs. up from my pre-pregnancy weight. ( still not sure what I weighed or what I weigh- I won't let the Dr. tell me- what's the point now- not like it's going to make a diff. at this point!)
160 bpm- baby's heart rate this morning.


  1. You're pregnant!! Eeek!!! Congratulations!!! Yay, i can't wait to follow the progress here!! :) You look great as a prego!

  2. Looking beautiful as ever! Pregnancy suits you - lol !!

  3. You look lovely, Jo!

    Congratulations again and again... am so excited to meet this baby who is loved so much already.

  4. You look gorgeous! Congratulations again! Looking forward to more belly pictures! :)