Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cheese Game

Ok... so J. and I play what we call "the cheese game." We buy this budget cheese, and it's all $8.99. The thing is, it tells you, by weight, how much the cheese would have been if you paid regular price.

So, while shopping for cheese, whoever gets the cheese that would have been worth the most, wins.

Average Price in the Cheese Game: $12.50
Good Price in the Cheese Game: $13.00
The Winner in the Cheese Game: $13.80-ish.

These numbers are about normal- and seeing as I am pretty competitive, I usually win this game.

Then the other day, J comes home with this!!!!!

WTH!!?? He claims he just randomly picked it out... ya right. I know when I have been beat. It's an all time record. I have NEVER seen a cheese over $14.00

1 comment:

  1. There is NO way he randomly picked that out! When I was younger my nanny would take me and my brother grocery shopping and we'd play this game! haha Now you have to go try and beat that and I think you'll need some luck!