Saturday, June 5, 2010

My New Toy!!!

So I have wanted an eReader FOREVER... seemed like the perfect toy for someone like myself who is:
a) obsessed with reading
b) obsessed with J, who is obsessed with computers (which means a good chunk of our dialog is about computers and electronic nic-nacs)

So.. I did some research (and made J. do even more research) and came up with the "Best" eReader on the market. It was $1000. Ya, no.
As is typical of us we did a cost-benefit analysis and came up with the best product for the cost.

It just happened to be the cheapest of the bunch- the kobo!

So I rushed to my computer and ordered one.

The verdict- I LOVE IT!!

The kobo desktop software its crappy- but I found a program called calibre which is free and much more user friendly.

It is hard to read PDF files- luckily calibre converts these to ePUBS with one easy click!

It is the newest eReader on the market so it is hard to find accessories. The only official cover you can buy is from chapters and it sucks. Luckily I found some spiffy ones on etsy and in the meantime.... I made my own :)

There aren't that many places to find free books online yet- but I have hope these will increase soon. In the meantime I have found several reliable torrent download sites. I can now pretty much also convert any file format to ePUB so that has become a non-issue. Oh and the library has lots of ebooks now too!!!


e-ink which reads like a regular book- eliminating the glare/ light like from a computer screen, taking it easy on my eyes.

cost- $150... really not much.

it's SO light and small compared to a regular book. I thought this would mean the type is too small... but that too can be adjusted to 6 different sizes!!!

I LOVE my kobo. She's purdy <3


  1. Thank you soooo much for the review Jo!!!

    I've been eyeing the Kobo ever since the Globe and Mail had articles on it. The price is much better then an e-reader and kindle and I understood it didn't have some of the $$ jazzy features, but really neither does the regular book I buy *lol.

    I just didn't know, what with the price being such a deal, if it was low for a reason. We just took boxes of book to the library because we don't have enough book shelves and reader would be perfect *smiles*.

  2. I am so glad that you like your kobo, I got the ereader for the bells and wistles I like the touch screen and the ability to type or write notes down. Also with mine I can play audio files including audio books. I just got rid of boxes of boxes of books too, and like the portablity of my ereader and to have lots of books at my fingertips.