Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes... we are STILL eating potatoes

sigh.. only 6 left from the 20 lb. bag. I swear, I never want to see a potato again. J. thinks he has died and gone to heaven.
On the menu tonight:

Potato Wedges
Garden Salad with Roasted Pine Nuts
Salsa & hot peppers.


  1. Looks yummy :)

    I just tagged you in a Christmas 'meme' on my blog, hope you can play :)

  2. Those potato wedges look amazing! I want them! Love the banana pepper addition!

    You are a better person than me! I have a huge bag of potatoes (I don't know why!) and I haven't been eating them.

  3. um ya.. Ash... we bought 20 lbs... and EVERY meal has potatoes... I hate it.. lol.. J on the other hand thinks he is in heaven.. ugh... if he was actually home more than once a month, I am sure they would have been gone long ago!

  4. Why don't you make a HUGE potato salad and then freeze it in lunch-size portions. Then, J can take 5 packages in a day to work until it's all gone. I am sure the potatoes will go fast!