Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paperwork Signed

Yup... it's all in...

we are officially in debt BIG TIME.

But we own a home... well sort-off- I prefer to think of it as renting from the bank...

and it's not debt, it's equity.

Whatever it is, it feels pretty damn good.

I am ready for this- the sun is shining on me this year.

And I think it's about time


  1. WOHOOO!!! That's awesome. I can't wait to come and visit. Start thinking of what you want as a house-warming gift!

  2. WOW that's great to be in Debt that way. CONGRATS to you both J&J. Maybe a sock organizer as a house warming gift would be appropos?? Hee Hee....

  3. Love your Sun and YOU deserve IT shinning on YOU.