Thursday, February 12, 2009

"special status"

that is what J. gets... according to him.
I know that he has been away working on and off- but seriously.. the to-do list has been on his desk for 2 months!! And guess how many items are checked off his list...
ZERO. *shaking my fists at the sky*
Like it is that hard to change a freaking light bulb. And I would have done it myself if J. hadn't claimed "special status"
It's on.... I declare full-out psychological warfare on my beloved soldier...
you WILL change the light bulb... you WILL do the laundry.. you WILL take out the recycling...


  1. That's it... lay the smack down... that's RIDICULOUS.

  2. yup..
    so he may get special status- but I figure that makes me eligible for retirement in a month or so :P